Global crisis, national idealism failure?

Hundreds or event thousands of years, human being have been living in the largest structure of organization that we call as country or nation. The nationalism are showing up and eliminating more ancient form of political form like tribalism or others. And for century we believe that this is the best yet.

Now all of us can feel, how deep we are suffering from the global issues that scary all of us. And somehow the cure to the problem sometime is not so powerful because the limitation of nation.

Now many of the advance countries try to declare the global world as its solution. But like what we know, it still create some polemics among the founder it self. European Union for example, still facing the same issues and seem to be not as strong as it seem before on this global crisis.

Maybe all of us need to be more serious on eliminating the country or nation issue. So people in crisis on one country can be quickly get the solver from other country. We hope we can be successfully finding a better solution in this near future. 


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