Jewelry business in global crisis

by: Jung-manager of CV.PLM

About us

Our company is providing all in one services and manufacturing of jewelry that base in two countries in South East Asia, Bangkok-Thailand and Bali-Indonesia. Bangkok and Bali basically produce two different type of jewelry because the way they produce it is different. Bangkok is more for mass production with all it machinery while in Bali is handmade. Because of that we would like to combine all that abilities into one door of service to our prospect or customer.

Jewelry business in crisis, why not?

Global crisis is really hurt many industries lately including jewelry industry. But don’t worry, slowly jewelry industries especially handmade sterling silver jewelries are not affected that much to many small companies like us. Because some how people that use to be looking for higher end of gift and jewelry are now looking for cheaper one but still elegant and look pretty much like high end jewelry. Our jewelry that we have been made are also using other metals like brass and copper. It is really give our customer more choice to decrease their cost.

For example what we can produce is:

  • Sterling silver which is cost about $ 1.00 per grams
  • 18K gold plated over sterling silver which is about $ 2.50 per grams
  • 18K gold plated over brass which is about $ 1,00 per grams.

We also can make many other combinations as well. So if you would like to be a jewelry designer and create your own product line, we could be your starting point.

Basic knowledge of jewelry

Before you decided to be the jewelry designer, first you must know any requirements in your county regarding to the customer safety. Like the maximum amount of lead and nickel contents of your jewelry. This is very important to avoid problem in the future. But usually for handmade jewelry you won’t get this issue because it is almost impossible to produce the jewelry like sterling silver jewelry if the silver content is less than 95%, it will be extremely hard to form.

Sterling silver are 92.5% of 999 silver plus other alloy like copper and zinc, and for soldering paste our traditional smith will add about 5% to 10% brass in the compound. The paste itself will be use to solder bezel, granulation and filigree. Here is some basic design of Bali Jewelry:

  1. Plain Bezel.

    Plain bezel design is the simplest design. Normally only a stone set bezel.

  2. Double bezel

    Double bezel is the next form of simple bezel. It is just another layer of square wire border or similar to the main bezel.

  3. Border bezel

    Border bezel is actually the additional ornament that has been added around the main bezel. Some ornament is also can be added to the bezel itself.

  4. Cap

    Cap is one of the cheapest options to set the stone, because it is using less material. Cap design is also available in many shape and design like cone, square end ornamental design like picture.

  5. Wire and granulation

    Wire design and granulation is base on traditional Bali design. Many designs are modified base on this type of ornament.

  6. Box design

    Box design is basically the jewelry product that can be used to store your things like photo pendant or poison rings.

  7. Hollowware

    Hollowware is the type of jewelry that empty inside or not a solid one. The purpose is to reduce weight, make larger product with less weight or to put something inside so we can hear a sound like dream ball.

  8. Hoops

    Hoops are also less weight jewelry. It is only base on wire forming product and then beads will be hanging on it for accessories. Many models can be made out of this simple design.

  9. Filigree

    This exclusive design has been made without any flat metal or very little of it. All filigree can be made using less silver because it is only from wire forming that shaped one by one and then soldering together.

  10. Carved

    This type of jewelry is the highest level in jewelry industry. It is like a masterpiece and the value is high. But you must know how to judge the good quality carved jewelry and the lower quality one.

  11. Gold –silver combination

    Gold and silver combination is a classing design in jewelry industry. As you can see it is actually just a combination of few style above, except not using stone and replace it with gold sheet. But in some other design, we can use both stone setting and gold combination as well.

  12. Frame

    This design is actually similar to photo frame that you can get in the market, but it is smaller because it will be use as jewelry. You can set any picture or photo piece like stamp, and also other beautiful sheet like butterfly wings.

Those are some basic design that you should know. Many of jewelry designs are taking from these basic designs. Some designers have been modified and adding their own idea into it. And maybe you have the same idea it for your starting point. Or if you have a totally new idea, the basic designs above can help you to know what the smith is can do. I hope with some knowledge and creativity, it would be easy for you to created many designs.

How should I start?

Now if you already have your idea, please draw it down. If you would like to use our services, we will guide you step by step regarding to the design you made. We can estimate you the cost before we actually start the production so it is risk free. Some design that you made might be need minimum 50 units, but it is not necessary like that. Some we can do it less depend on the design and how it made. If it is 100% handmade we can do a lot less than that. I or my staff will be personally assisting you to understand the system and make your design alive and sale able. All that service is 100% free before we actually start the prototype.

So the steps by step of custom jewelry production are:

  1. We are doing the drawing and sketching inspection first. We will communicate with you until all is clear like dimension of the prototype will be also materials and its accessories.
  2. Calculating the approximately price that will be approved by you as customers. Approximation cost might be different than the actual cost will be, but we would say it is about 90% accurate.
  3. After you approve with our approximation quote we will make the prototype. At this point we might ask for deposit, depend on how much it is.
  4. After we finish the prototype we will send you the picture of actual prototype so you can review it and do some change if it is not like what you expected before.
  5. If everything approved we can continue to the mass production according to our minimum, depend on the design.

From 1st to 5th step is approximately required 5 to 7 working days. Some project might be required some imported materials or other materials that you might need to send so it could make the process even longer.

Please contact us for further info

You can go to our website below:

Or you can email me direct at:


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