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Bali Life is “yadnya”= sacrificing, praying and ceremony !!

Once morning I was wake up and I found out that I have to go to work again and in the afternoon I have my "banjar" or community ceremonial that need to be attending. One of my neighbor just pass away and as a member of community, we are in condolences. We have to prepare the funeral, if that family is unable to do "ngaben". Usually we are doing this because of there is not enough time, money or the most important thing is that the day it self is not good for the “ngaben” ceremony.

So this is one example of our “business” in Bali, which is related to our next infestations after life. There are many other small ceremonial that related to Hindu religion that often happen in our modern life. That is why many time we were crash again the company or even government interest, because somehow we are less productive and also means less profit for company and less tax for government.  

I really enjoy my daily life in Bali. My “banjar” is actually one of the busiest one in our regency. Every week we do Kecak Dance performance which is becoming our financial source to cover the “banjar” expenses. Beside that we do social work every other week and weekly meeting in “bale banjar” or community hall.

Every 6 month we are doing our community temple ceremony. At the community temple, we have to make a special offering for our prosperity. And this is for sure not the only temple that we do the ceremony regularly. At least in a year one Balinese goes to more than 12 temples for ceremony.

The important temples for Balinese starting from the bottom on is

  1. Merajan or family temple, Merajan Gede or larger family temple,
  2. Pura Banjar or local community temple,
  3. Pura Tri Kahyangan which is Desa, Puseh and Dalem temple or main village temple that represented Brahma, Visnu and Siva,
  4. Pura Paramanca or other village temple which is symbolize of the village guardian and prophecy that also related to our profession, like goddess Rambut Sedana or Wealthy Goddess for Melanting  or market temple or temple for business associated activities, Goddess Sri or Rice goddess that we pray at Bedugul Tamples or Farmers tample. There are several other temple in this category like: Pura Pucak, Pura Dalem Alit, Pura Bale Agung, Pura Ratu Lingsir and other.
  5. Pura Pengastulan or ancestor temple which is related to our blood. The largest one in Bali is the blood of Pasek or in the Balinesse society we call Sudra or worker class blood. Other important blood in Bali is Pande or smith bloor, Arya or soldier blood and of course the Ksatrya.
  6. Pura Sad Kahyangan or 6 main temple. Those tamples are: Pura Besakih in Karangasem, Pura Lempuyang in Karangasem, Pura Goa Lawah in Klungkung, Pura Uluwatu in Badung, Pura Batukaru in Tabanan, Pura Pusering Jagat (Pura Puser Tasik) in Gianyar.

So we are as a Balinese Hindus at least once a year praying to those temples above. But the most important thing is of course we are not just going there and praying. We must at least involve in several different way that our religion told us as “

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Yadnya”. By doing this we hope we can be a better human being that always giving our respect to our god, people and also our environment. 


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